Why Colorado

For decades, the state of Colorado has been one of the most alluring in the country, enticing new residents with the promise of wilderness, economic success, and the stunning beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Colorado is also ranked as the second happiest state in the union (behind Hawaii) in poll after poll. It all boils down to one thing: The Colorado Lifestyle.

Sure, Coloradans come in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life and with all types of goals, but all have one very important thing in common: the pursuit of happiness. Here are some great reasons to move to Colorado and embrace the unique lifestyle:

  1. The Weather: "If you don't like it, just wait five minutes." Nowhere is this truer than in the mountain towns, where the temperature can fluctuate as much as 60 degrees in a single day. Snow in July? Not unheard of. Bikinis in January? Yep. Despite being famous for snow and blizzards, Coloradans adapt well to the extreme weather and revel in the mild summers and crisp autumns. With 300+ days of sunshine a year, there's a reason to be happy almost every day.

  2. The Mountains: Not all of the residents of Colorado live in the mountains, but they're all within a few hours drive! Many residents spend weekends and holidays in the small mountain towns that give the state a unique reputation. (Leave a day early to avoid the traffic on 285 and I70!) Skiing, hiking, biking, off-roading, ice-climbing, rafting, rock-climbing, trial running, and summiting "Fourteeners" are all common weekend activities for many. Even those who stay in the valleys have the pretty impressive views to keep them grounded. Many move to Colorado for the ever-present chance to lose themselves in the great outdoors, where time stops and the peaks of the Rockies beckon.

  3. The Economy: 2014 marked Colorado's highest employment growth this century, and jobs are continually being added in every sector, according to the Denver Post. Business Insider said that last year Colorado had the fastest-growing economy of any state. Colorado is a state that continues to reward innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit year after year, bringing big-name companies and their families to settle here.

The nation's eighth largest state and 22nd most populous, Colorado's people are as diverse as the famous geography. It boasts the world's largest flat-topped mountain (the Grand Mesa on the Western Slope), as well as the country's highest paved road (over 14,000 feet up Mt Evans). The beginning (or end!) of the Great Plains can be found in the state's mostly flat Eastern Slope, with rich, fertile farmland and famous melons. The middle part of the state is almost exclusively mountainous, and the highest incorporated city, Leadville (10,578 feet) is testament to the pioneer spirit of Colorado residents. The canyons and mesas of the Western Slope also contribute to the beauty of the state, with wineries and crops dotting the landscape. You'll find farmers and cowboys living and thriving in Colorado, as well as some of the most sophisticated businesses in the world and the people that make them a success. Whomever you are, Colorado has something to offer you!