Dear Mr. Scott Nordby,

My name is Iris Baum, my husband and I just closed on a Capitol Hill Condo the end of May, our realtor was Heidi Cox.

First of all I would like to congratulate you for having such a high caliber Real Estate Agent as Heidi. I would also like to express my gratitude for the truly positive experience and pleasant relationship we had with Heidi.

Having lived in Europe for the last 30 years we had no experience in the housing market and after much research we decided we wanted to retire to Denver, a city totally new to us.

We contacted Heidi through Zillow and her response was immediate; this pattern remained until we closed on our place. We were only able to visit Denver twice during the Christmas and Spring breaks. On our first visit Heidi welcomed us to Denver and took us to many different properties, but more importantly showed us all the downtown areas. By the time we left we already had a good idea of where we wanted to be. She also explained the entire home purchasing process in detail and introduced us to two different mortgage lenders

After being back in Europe, Heidi would take videos of all the places we were interested in. This was extremely helpful and allowed us to keep looking, especially since the downtown market never did have a large inventory. In other words, Heidi acted on our behalf while we were gone and provided us the chance to find something. In our situation that was priceless.

Unlike many buyers, my husband and I had a pretty specific idea of what we wanted and what we wanted was a lot. After months of looking we became a little discouraged by not seeing anything we truly liked. We then lowered our expectations and settled for a sensible place and Heidi put us under contact and timed it just right so we could see the place during our spring visit, but provided us with an opportunity to cancel if we did not like the place.

And here was a real eye opener for me of how Heidi was truly interested in our well being; in other words for us to find the perfect home. She could tell this place was not it and literally encouraged us to keep looking. She made the cancellation of the contract really easy for us.

It always felt like we were her only clients and she had all day and all night to tend to our needs. Heidi is a very hard worker, something you don't see very often, but at the same time she makes it all sound so easy and effortless.

Just before we left we found out about a place that was not even on the market yet. Heidi did everything she could to get us an appointment to see it on our last day in Denver. And here it was, the place we wanted!!! just a little smaller and $50K more than the seller's realtor had told Heidi only the day before. Heidi worked out an offer in order to avoid a bidding war. We succeeded and had a signed offer as we walked through security at the airport the next morning.

The negotiations for this Condo were quite difficult, to say the least. This is where we experienced Heidi's ability to navigate at her finest in this crazy seller's market. She faces even the most bazaar situations very calmly and always responds pleasantly. Heidi's vast knowledge, as well as knowing when to ask for support, really paid off. Heidi's great skill to judge situations correctly and to say just the right thing at the right moment attributed to us not only getting the place of our choice, but also at a better price, which is no small deal in this fierce environment.

Heidi's abilities are second to none; we truly believe there is no better-qualified person in the field. She has integrity and she is very likeable and trustworthy. We feel honored to have had her as our guide and advisor.


Iris Baum

P.S. We also would like to express our appreciation to Myrna Triolo for advising Heidi in several very difficult situations that occurred during our negotiating process.

- Iris Baum