Preferred Professionals

As one of Denver's top 25 real estate firms five years running, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Innovative Real Estate stands committed to the personal and professional development of our Brokers. In this spirit, we have defined an affiliate program to spotlight those companies and individuals who make the greatest impact in the businesses and lives of our Brokers; these are our Preferred Professionals.

Preferred Professionals are invited into this position. They are asked to be part of our family because they have demonstrated a level of service, professionalism and integrity that reaches well beyond the status-quo of their industry.

Preferred Title Companies

Company Name Individuals Included Email Phone
 Canyon Title  Tony Cavalier  303-667-7650
 Chicago Title  Chris Walker  303-250-0744
 Chicago Title  Sasha Graves  720-245-3240
 Fidelity National Title  Chris Connely  303-717-6141
 Fidelity National Title  Dave Hickey  303-916-4449
 First American Title  Cindy Isaacson 720-326-0297
 First American  Gavin Higashi  303-334-2186
 Land Title  Aryn Lallas  720-810-3612
 Land Title  Megan Aller  720-243-2221
 Stewart Title  Kristi Fritzler  303-301-7222
 Stewart Title  Maggie Dew  970-393-2536
 Stewart Title  Sima Patel  303-549-4585


Preferred Mortgage Companies

Company Name Individuals Included Email Phone
 Academy Mortgage  Frank Guiliano  303-455-6926
 Academy Mortgage  John Olivacz  303-898-3011
 Annie-Mac Home Mortgage  Jeff Zinsmeister  303-929-0784
 Annie-Mac Home Mortgage  Josh Slater  720-231-0531
 Citywide Home Loans  Gavin Ekstrom  720-231-6999
 Citywide Home Loans  Scott Harshman  720-509-8611
Citywide Home Loans Steve Byers  720-600-9406
 Citywide Home Loans  The Wynn Team  303-317-6612
 Cornerstone Home Lending  Corey Lorenz  720-297-8364
 Envoy Mortgage  Vicki Newman  303-378-3165
 Envoy Mortgage  Stephanie Gaitens  303-478-7549
 Guild Mortgage  Rob Murray  303-335-7037
Guild Mortgage Mike Bowen  303-995-4663
Hallmark Home Mortgage Jacalyn Gallegos  303-347-7580
Legacy Mutual Mortgage Jessica Uphoff  720-225-2720
Legacy Mutual Mortgage Vonda Downs  720-937-7919
New American Funding Mandy Hammer  720-842-7123
Nova Home Loans  Anita Martinez-Trumm  303-596-8672
Universal Lending Corporation Chris Murray  720-317-1315